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You're About to Learn Secrets Most Pawnbrokers Will Never Know About Building Their Own Stratospheric Success...

"How I Raised Myself Up From Being a Frustrated Pawn Shop Worker to Reaching an Abundant Level of Accomplishment"

Dear Pawn Shop Employee,

Imagine what you would feel like being the most successful employee in the pawnshop where you work. Now, imagine what it would feel like being the most successful pawnshop employee in your city, or even your state. Picture what it would be like to go through your workday without experiencing any frustration, resistance, or negative emotions. Consider what it would be like to have the ability to transform any weakness or shortcoming into power and position. Impossible you say, think again.

My name is Steve Krupnik and I have already accomplished this and much more in my pawnbroking career. I have been a pawnbroker for over 30 years, yet I can still clearly remember early on in my career when people would laugh at what I do or view me as some sort of crook. This is a feeling you may have experienced before ... or maybe you still do. I'm here to show you the positive steps you can take to never have to feel this way again. I'm here to share my secrets of success with you. I have designed a program for YOU called the Pawn Shop Performer™ coaching program and it is unlike anything that has ever been offered in our industry. Allow me to take a minute of your time to tell you about the program and what it can do for you. It can transform your career and your life into a masterpiece. And being the highly successful pawnbroker I am, I guarantee it.

I Have Been Where You Are At Now In Your Career And Life

You and I have something in common. We both know what it's like to be down in the trenches day after day working in a pawnshop. I am familiar with the challenges you face every day in your career. I know the pains you feel, the frustrations you deal with, and the customers you face. I understand the resistance you feel at times with your customers, your co-workers, and your employer. Obviously, this resistance is holding back your success. Together we can break the chains of resistance holding you back.

I struggled for years with this sort of opposition until one day I actually found out that I could do something about it. What I found is that it really does not matter how hard you work, how much you know, or how many years you've worked the floor or the loan counter. What really matters the most is the way you think. Your Mindset.

Your Maximum Success Won’t Come Through Hard Work Alone

I will teach you the proper methods of mindset that have been privately utilized by the most successful people in history. These little known or followed secrets, specifically applied by myself to the pawnbroking industry, will take you and your pawnbroking career to the next level and beyond. Although these techniques are not taught in any formal education process, you will find them being used regularly by any highly motivated highly successful person. No matter what your current position is in life, no matter what your level of education, these techniques will have a positive effect on your life. You will be able to accomplish more in your career by using my methods than you ever could through hard work alone. I can guarantee that as long as you follow the program you will attract greater success in your career and your life.

No matter how long or how short you have been working at a pawn shop you can benefit from knowing what I teach. If you will allow me ... keyword allow ... allow me to put my knowledge in your head you will be a better pawnbroker and a better person for it. And you will be a person of greater value to yourself and your employer. PERIOD!

Now, if you have gotten this far with me and you're saying to yourself "hey this guy can't teach me anything, I know what I'm doing, I know how to think, GEEZ", just go back to your ordinary unpromising life and do not waste your time on this program, because frankly I can't help you. You must be willing to learn new and uncommon things in order to achieve new and uncommon results. If you are not willing to do things differently you cannot expect a different outcome. And if you choose to be an ordinary person you can only expect to live an ordinary life. I know more than a thing or two about success; I have attracted more success into my life working in a pawnshop than most pawn employees could ever dream of. But if you are this blockheaded and uncreative to not want to attract yours and truly live a successful life, then this choice is yours to live with.

I want you to understand that sitting around waiting for opportunity to knock on your door is no way to approach your career or your life. No one is coming to attract your success for you. Your opportunity to experience a highly successful pawnshop career will only occur by taking matters into your own hands. Until now this has not been in a simple process, but thanks to the information provided in the Pawn Shop Performer™ coaching program, getting a handle on greater success in your career is within your grasp.

The Program Will Show You The Way:

  • To create your career actively and in the present instead of being passive waiting to see where life will take you next. (Section Three)
  • To think in a way where you will no longer put unreasonable limits on yourself and give you the ability to experience unlimited results. (Section Two)
  • To develop your own successful personality and use it properly by discovering your own distinctive self. (Section Nine)
  • To be more effective at work than you ever thought possible, successfully closing more loans and more sales than ever before. (Section Six)
  • To easily earn the respect of your clients your coworkers and your boss while gaining a stronger self respect than you ever thought possible. (Section Four)
  • To live without resistance utilizing a positive mental attitude, causing you to feel motivated and enthusiastic about your career. (Section Ten)
  • To deal with coworkers who may not seem cooperative or truthful with you without coming across as uncooperative yourself. (Section Eight)
  • To determine your value to your employer and significantly increase it without working harder or putting in more hours. (Section Five)
  • To always feel a sense of pride about your career and strengthen your belief that you are an extraordinary pawnbroker. (Section One)
  • To use a magical process to connect with your customers on an emotional level to make all of your deals go smoother. (Section Seven)
  • ... and much much more!

It’s Not Just a Bunch Of Boring Writing

The Pawn Shop Performer™ is a program that does not have any fluff any filler or any BS. What I will provide you with is real life harsh reality information that will take your career exactly where you want it to go. With the Pawnshop Performer™ coaching program, you will receive workbooks, audio CDs, and DVDs, teaching you exactly what you need to know to attract the maximum success into your career and your life.

As you watch read and listen to the program you will find many new secrets that you can apply in your life and in your career immediately. As you implement these proven success strategies, you will find yourself living a life of less resistance and greater motivation. And that's just the beginning. Not only do I provide you with proven success strategies applied specifically to our industry, but I'll stay with you every step of the way. You will also receive a monthly newsletter and audio CD directly from me with all of the cutting edge stuff that will keep your career on the right track. I'm talking the kind of stuff that would benefit the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. You will be amazed at what it will do FOR YOU. Add to that a weekly e-mail or two, some fun tele-seminars, and a bunch of cool free stuff, and you have got a program that will make you feel like it was made exclusively for you - by me. I've got news for you, IT WAS.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Maybe you can't afford the program. Let me give you a little tip. Your greater success also equals greater success for your employer. Ask them to purchase it for you, or if you are currently too shy to ask (you won't be once you get into the program) just click on the info by mail tab and I'll send your employer further information about the program in the mail. Success is not a spectator sport. You must be willing to participate in order to find it. If you are still not sure if the Pawn Shop Performer™ coaching program is for you, browse the website a little. Watch the videos, read the blog, check out some articles, or post your biggest career problems on the "tell me your pain" page. Then head over to the products page and get started on your success. (Sold Out!) And if you feel like getting into this coaching program is some sort of a gamble, just remember, it is guaranteed to work and I'm betting on you. Why? Because I know the power this information holds. And I also know what it has done from many people just like you. I know the Pawn Shop Performer™ coaching program will attract your success like nothing else can.

How Can I Offer a Guarantee?

Easy, the program works. And it works for anyone who’s willing to read, listen or watch. I want you to understand something. I'm not talking about some weenie guarantee that you should question. I’m talking a full 180 day money back guarantee. 30 days, or even 90 days isn’t near enough time for you to find out you're going to actually see real meaningful results as a pawn shop employee with this program. That’s why I’m confidently giving you a full 6 months to get it working for you. All you will need to do is read, listen, watch, or all three. My guarantee to you is as long as you participate in the program in some way, and apply some of the program into your daily tasks, you will become a more valuable and more successful employee PERIOD! You have nothing to lose. The Pawn Shop Performer™ coaching program guarantees a more successful you!

So Are You Ready To Create a More Successful Career?

For the next 127 people who click the order now button - I am offering a $524.00 "Premier Edition Discount Price". This is $163.00 discount from what the regular $687.00 program price will be after the first 200 are purchased. You will also receive several FREE premier edition bonuses for ordering early. So order now before the premier edition sale ends. This price is only good for the next 127 pawnshop professionals who order.

Can it get any better than that? Yes, actually it can. If you order now and get in on this premier edition discount price, you will receive your first three months of newsletters and audio CDs absolutely FREE. This is an additional $84 in savings. So combined, you will save $247.00, not counting the additional free bonuses. And remember; you have nothing to lose with the 180 day money back guarantee. So are you a dreamer or a doer? Your newfound success is as close as the order button.

In Commitment to Your Success,

Stephen Krupnik

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